July 26, 2021


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Whether you want to get a certification in programming language or learn how to develop mobile applications, this blog post is for you.


All over the world today, several IT jobs demands for their employees to be highly skilled in top programming languages.


On this blog post, you will know the top 7 programming language and the average salary someone can earn knowing each programming language.


And to learn this programming language, you will have to consider several aspects such as your reasons to learn, difficulty in learning and your willingness to learn.


So, let’s go over to the top seven programming language in 2021.


  1. Javascript

Javascript is of recent the most commonly use programming language, because it is used for both the website development and apps development.


Javascript gives a website functionality, because after a website is been created from HTML and CSS; which are not


programming language, it is completed with Javascript which is a programming language.


The average salary for a javascript developer is $112,000 a year.

  1. Python

While python is been use for scientific and computational processes, it is one of the most commonly use programming language.


This is as a result of its simplicity, because beginners in programming language started from python.


Python is free, open source programming language and it’s user-friendly.

Python can use in various applications such as Inkscape, Blender, Autodesk, etc. it can also be use for video games such as Vegas strike.


And the average salary of a python developer is $72, 000 a year.


  1. Java

Java has been used for years and it is still in use now.


Java is a general-purpose programming language that is object oriented and can be use regardless of platforms.


It is use in platforms such as Android, windows, Mac, ios, etc.


There are currently about 3 billion devices that are running applications that are build with java.


Java is popularly use for web development and applications. It’s in the backend of popular site such as Amazon, Google, Twitter, Youtube, etc.


The average salary of a java developer is $79, 000 in a year.


  1. PHP

Php is mostly considered as the best programming language to learn.


Php was created in 1990 , it’s an open-source programming and easier for developers to learn.


About 85% of website has been build from php.

This programming language is commonly use by facebook.


The programming language contains command-line script, server-side script, and desktop applications.


The average salary of a php developer is $81, 000 in a year.


  1. C#

C# was developed by Microsoft and it became well known in the 2000s.


It was used to develop great applications like Microsoft Visual C++.


And other website such as Dell, Bing, and Visual studio was created using C#.


It is very similar to C++ and the average salary for a C# developer is $68, 000.


  1. Swift

Swift was developed by Apple in 2014 for Mac and Linux applications.


It’s is an open-source programming language that requires not much coding skills compared to other programming languages.


Swift can be used with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix and is also used in popular areas such as WordPress, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.


And the average salary for a  Swift developer is $96, 000.


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