July 31, 2021


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  1. The first computer programmer was a woman


Maybe you don’t know the first computer programmer was a woman.


In 1843, Ada Lovelace, a British Mathematician, published an English translation of an Analytical engine article written by Luigi Menbrea.


In that note she described an algorithm for the analytical engine.


Since the algorithm was considered to be the first specifically that was written to be implemented on a computer.


Through that process she was known to be the first computer programmer.


She later died at the age of 36.


  1. The first computer game never made any money


When a computer programmer from Massachussets institute of technology (MIT), Steve Russell, and his team took 200 man-hours to create the first version of Spacewear.


This game is regarded as the forefather of today’s action video games.


The game involves two players having a spaceships, each has the opportunity to destroy is opponent spaceship before his opponent destroys his.

  1. Coding has over 700 languages

Actually, in the United alone, there are about 350 spoken languages. But coding actually beats it.


Because coding has over 700 languages (Programming languages).


Only two countries speak more languages, they are Paupa New Guinea (836) and Indonesia (710).


  1. Coding will soon be as important as reading


Imagine if coding could be made as compulsory in all schools, imagine if up to 90% of the worlds population knows how to code.


The united state has up to 99% of literate.


While it may sound very impossible or stressful, it can be easier than reading.


And you need to know also that neuroscientist found that interpreting code activates a general-purpose brain network, but not language-processing centers.


Learning how to code will soon be very important.



  1. Real wealth lays in coding


Maybe you know that, or maybe you don’t know.


Because the richest companies today are companies founded from coding and programming.


Amazon and Apple are both Trillion dollar companies.


After Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had collaborated on an arcade game. It broke out in the tech space.


The average salary of a software engineer in the US is about $100, 000 annually.


All billion dollars companies today are birthed from coding.




These are the five important things you need to know about coding and programming.


Don’t forget, the first computer programmer was a woman.


What about the fact that the first digital video game never made any money.

Do you also remember that we have over 700 programming languages?


Don’t forget also that coding will soon be as important as reading.


And lastly, real wealth, billion dollars lies in coding

And you can be the next person that will build the next billion-dollar app.


Thanks for reading, learn more from other post from me.

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