May 18, 2021


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When you want to control the means of exchange.

When you are thinking of creating more value base contents.

When you want to have a great relationship with your customers.
What platform do you think enhances that


You can tell that it is a website.
On today post, I will share with you the five solid truth why you should build a website for that your business.

Some people says: I want to start small, I want to look for a store first, I have to rent a complex first.

No, I mean it is good to look for a store or rent where you want to sell your goods, but starting is far from that.

For you to start small, you have to be ready to start online.

Because now, the market place is located online.

And don’t forget, you can’t have share of what you didn’t participate on.

That why it is important for you to have a share of the online space.

The reasons why should have a website are:


Some years ago, we were in the information age where people could easily access information with speed,

this was the reason twitter displace other markets that provides information.

after the information age, we entered the industrial age,

the age of industry. You have to work on a 9-5 job to earn a living.

Presently, the rules game has change.
We are not just in the information age, we are in the connected age.

And for you to be able to play the game, you have to know the rules.

Building your business now should be online, if you a fan deskon creative hub; you always read our contents.

Then you must have read the story of Anna that had a physical store and an online store.

Anna was selling more on her online store compare to her physical store. Read the full story from Here.

The point here is that you can do business like you are in the industrial age.

You have to reach out to your customers, not saying they will come.

  • You want your business to be perceive as valuable? Then you have to earn it. Not just that you are perceive as valuable, you are indeed valuable.
  • Because you want to be valuable, then you have to make sure you are creating a value base contents.
  • Do you think your customers will come to you all day to know the latest product or they can use your products?

You have to do these things online, you have to inform your customers online.


So, your website and other related social media platforms are what will help on your journey.


So, sell your product and get more and better engagements.


  • When others are thinking or saving money, just so they can rent a store.

  • You aren’t doing that, you are into the online space.

  • You are gathering your audience online. That is the big fact.

  • Because you have a website, you become more expose in the market space than those that don’t have one.

  • SEO (Search engine optimization) is a good point to take note of, because if you have a great SEO, you can easily be notice in the online space.

  • While others will only be seen around their environment or town.

  • You already have an edge because you will be seen from different countries that you are connected to.


So you have a website? Your customer ask with curiosity, of course I do is your reply.

In this connected age, your customers want to know how they can purchase your products and you send it to them.

This is the reason E-commerce base businesses is the order of the day.

You can connect more with your customer and they will believe you are serious and refer you to others.

Someone once said that, whenever you sell a good product or offer a good service to a customer, they will tell hundreds of people, but if what you did is the opposite.

They will and are ready to tell millions.

So, offering a good services and selling good products on your website gives you more edge.

It propels you to the next level of business.


  • Some business have a jingle they have maintained for years, some might be colors, others fonts.
    Whatever it is, your website grants you a brand identity.

  • If you want to be more notice, then you need to have a pattern, color, whatever it is that will make you a brand.

  • When you get a website, it becomes easier.

  • You’ve got to post contents on it, you have to relate to your customers through videos.

  • When are consistent with doing that, then you have create for yourself a brand identity


You either become the one the customer needs or you will replace by other competitors.

On these today, we have talked on the five solid reasons why you need a website.

Firstly, we said you must know that the rule of the game has change, so for you to win the game, then you have to know the rule.


So, knowing that you are now in the information and connected age will expose you more to how your business should be run.

Secondly, I said that, for you to be valuable you have to create value base contents. Contents that will make your customers know more and learn more about your business.

They will learn more and know your business more if you have a website.
Thirdly, I said having a website sets you apart from others.

create a brand identity for you, the first thing about building a startup is to know that you have brand identity.

Because what makes you different from others is when you do what they are not doing or ready to do just yet.

So, when you have a website, you are propel to do more and be more.
Let me know how you plan to connect with your customers in the comment section below.

Fourthly, show them you are authentic, you are different.

You produces the best, you have a great proprietary technology product.
Lastly, having a website suddenly

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