August 3, 2021


Programming languages and coding is dominating the world. While programming language and coding can be difficult to learn, they are some very important YOUTUBE channels that have talked the issues and made a lot of videos for free.


On this blog post, I will be listing the 5 important YOUTUBE channels every Programmers must know.


It’s going to fun and you are going to learn a lot I promise.

So, let start.



  1. Freecodecamp

Freecodecamp has a website and a YOUTUBE channel.  They have one of the best code Camp that teaches people how to become software Engineers from beginner level to advance level.


Check out Freecodecamp to learn basics of coding, like learn HTML and CSS before going to programming languages like Javascript, Python, Java, etc.


From reviews and other testimonials of people that has been employed by top tech companies, Freecodecamp has always been their tutor and directions.



  1. Treehouse offers lessons on vast topics including C# and Python.


Teamtreehouse has been established as focus team that provides learning resources with the mission of providing affordable education in technology.


They also have what they call “the Treehouse show, which is a roundup of web development and programming news with the addition of helpful tips and interviews.


  1. academy

At, topics like jQuerry and Javascript are well addressed and taught.


It focuses on simple tutorials like programming and web development. Relating them to each other.


The videos outline the path and journey that you can take on becoming a web developer.


It shows the process, not becoming burnout from learning. The orders which you should learn will be showed.



  1. Devtips

You want to learn web development? Become a web designer with knowledge from Devtips.


You can also find interviews and lessons from other guest speakers on the YOUTUBE channel. The Google employee Travis Nelson will teach you too.


Topics raging from CSS, HTML5 and other important programming language with over 200 videos.



  1. Edureka

This is the YOUTUBE channel for programmers, it indeed lay foundation for many of the popular programming languages.


Programming languages ranging from Java, Swift, Python, Javascript ,etc are taught in Edureka YOUTUBE channel.


They are a whole lot of values, online classes, streaming and offline classes are offered too.


As you know, YOUTUBE videos are free, so videos on Edureka are also free.

Some people are not a fan of long videos, but Episodic videos. Edureka has a lot of long videos that simplifies programming language to it easiest form for everyone to understand.



I hope you will check this YOUTUBE channels to increase your knowledge in coding.


The YOUTUBE channels again are:


  1. Freecodecamp
  2. Treehouse
  3. academy
  4. Devtips
  5. Edureka.



Thanks for Reading.

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