April 29, 2021


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Have you ever been told that business is not for everyone? If you had been told, then this post is for you. For those that had not been told, you’ve luck already, before this post ends, I have something important for you to learn.

Bill Gate the founder of “Microsoft” once said in an interview that he was lucky to create Microsoft; being that he was privilege to attend the only school that had computer: Lakeside school.

In this post you will learn “The FIVE concrete truth about Founding a STARTUP.

  1. Get practical knowledge.
  2. Work to learn.
  3. Have a market for your product or services.
  4. Just start.
  5. Start small and grow big.

What is a startup?

Steve Jobs first started Apple computers in his father’s garage, with his partner; Steve Wozniak. They had no money, no investors at the start, but they were determined.

They wanted to solve the problem of personal computer. That idea to solve the problem, to think different was birthed as a startup. So, a startup starts with an idea, what problems are you thinking of solving or had thought of solving.

That problem you are planning to solve is the startup, and solving the problem for you should be to build a business around the solution. Starting small and growing big is very important for your journey.

Luck can play a role, just like it did for “Bill Gate,” but you have to prepare for the journey ahead. Read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

Before I give you the concrete truth about creating a startup; that no one might tell you about, even some of your best books on entrepreneurship won’t tell you, but first. Why create a startup?

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Is entrepreneurship for you? You need to ask yourself these questions. Because if your WHY is not strong enough, any slit failure will make you quit. It is very important you know your WHY. Because you will certainly experience failures and defeat.

You are going to sacrifice your hours of sleep; just to ensure the document is completed, the customers get their product, employee are paid. And I hear a lot of people say they want to create a startup or be an entrepreneur because they want to be their Boss.

Who says when you create your company you become the Boss? You are going to answer to a lot of people. Was “Steve Jobs” not fired from a company he co-founded? I’m not saying this to put fear in your mind.

I want you to have a strong WHY. The hours of dedication, the patience and Zeal matters a lot, because those are the little things that become bigger things in the future.

I think you are sure now; if you still want to create a startup or be entrepreneur, then let us not waste time and go straight to our topic for today.


You must have heard of reading bunch of books to get started. That a great idea, just reading and not having practical knowledge sucks.

Imagine you want to be a super star footballer, but all you do is sit at home reading about becoming a successful footballer, never going to the football field, not participating in any football club; the plan of becoming a successful footballer will be like you “building castle on the air.”

You want to know how to sell? Then pick an item and go sell it, you want to be a good public speaker and all you do every day is stay at home and read how to become a public speaker. Why not get a practical knowledge. Learn what it takes by doing what it takes.

At “Deskon Academy” we don’t just teach the student theory knowledge of being a brand designer, we teach them practical examples of great brands. How to create brand using the necessary software and being consistent. So, get yourself up and go get a practical knowledge. You can reach out to us if tech is your passion.


Albert Einstein; the Germany born scientist after finishing college wanted to improve on his experiment that took him about ten years. He decided to work in a board where he could access other scientist experiments. He decided to work to learn rather than work for money; he was actually paid less than expected.

If the money is the focus you aren’t going to learn anything, but when you focus on the learning. The money later flows in.

Who stills wants delay gratification; it is surprising when people no longer spend much on learning before they start calling themselves experts.

I once heard a quote that says: “If you learn more, you earn more.” Social media have made a lot of people to put themselves out as expert, who cares?

Who cares weather I’m an expert; the main thing is that I can say what they want to hear and I get what I want; not knowing there is a repercussion for that.


There is a story of two sales experts that went to survey a town about their created products. Mr. “A” saw the town filled with people with bare foot; he exclaimed this is a big market for our shoe production. Mr. “B” went to the same town and said,” there is no market, no one is even putting on shoes; everyone is just on bare foot.

What is the difference between both of them? One saw a market. The other didn’t see the market. Your family member might be kind enough to buy some of your products or patronize your services, but they will not continue forever. So, if you want to create a startup, make sure there is a market for it.

Do some kids find it difficult to learn in a class? You might just have a market of creating an app in a game form and it might just be the solutions that can make the kids have fun as they learn.

So, don’t kick start creating a startup if you don’t have a market for it. Who will benefit a lot when you create your startup; that is what you should be thinking.

­Whose problem are you solving? The story of the two men surveying a town is a clear example, the people of that town was having a problem of having shoes; imagine the pains they pass through, but someone sold a solution to a problem to them.

So, if you can solve the problem, then make sure you are also able to sell the solution of the problem to those that needs it.

“Thomas Edison” wasn’t the first person to create the “Electric Bulb,” but he was the first to sell it.


Now you know your market, you know the problem you want to solve and the audience that needs the solution. Here you go, what are you waiting for, start now. You will fail, I don’t guarantee no failures, but learn from your mistakes.

You might benefit from some of our startup tips to creating a great brand and have a great idea-you can check it out here. You should know for sure now that there is a “missing link” starting and not been active-not having a great brand, not having a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization), not having a great marketing edge over competitors.

We at Deskon creative hub can sort this out for you. Presently now, we are giving 50% off for everything we do. And this offer is limited, check in now.


I know. I know now you are thinking ‘which bank should I collect loan from, which finance company should I get some finance.

That is not the problem, now you know how to start and you know failure is certain and you will learn from your mistakes. What if you get loan and the business fails, what will you do then? The truth is not far fetch.

I don’t want to sugar coat anything here, you don’t have to get a loan to start your business, you can get some money for family members and people you know. Most importantly Start small and grow big.

You are can check out this post on how to finance a startup without losing any percentage of your company to Investors.

This is the reason Deskon creative hub is here for you. We can brand you as you start small and grow big. If you think Entrepreneurship is not for you.

Why not try going for a one week vacation personally and see if you will still retain your job. We, at Deskon creative Hub. We don’t just help you own your Job we create a system for you a great brand identity.

I’m glad you made it to the end of this post. You have learnt “the 5 concrete truth about founding a startup” you have learnt that it all start with having a strong WHY.

I will prescribe Simon Sinek’s best selling book for you to read “Start with the WHY.” You have also learnt that you should have a practical knowledge, work to learn, making sure you have a market for your products (will your startup solve people’s problem? you should answer that question.)

Thanks for reading, I know you benefited a lot, don’t leave just yet.

This post is created by “Deskon Creative Hub”. If you like the subject of money, business, technology, startups, branding-good websites and Designs, Hacks, etc. We are always here for you. Visits : www.deskoncreativehub.com


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