May 6, 2021


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The major reasons why you don’t make more sales is because your customers were not satisfied with your product or services, So they will use the marketing strategy of “word of mouth” to tell other’s how bad your services or products was.


Do you intend to unlock the key to satisfying your customers more, making more sales and making more money? Then this post is for you, before the end of this post you will learn how to make your customers flood to you for more.


In here you will learn the three proven strategy to satisfy your customers and make them ask for more.



I remembered a friend experience with amazon, he bought a book that was to be shipped to Nigeria. When he had already paid for the book, it was a week later, it was not yet shipped.


Two weeks had passed, still not in Nigeria. In the end of the third week he reached out to Amazon and complained.


After his complain, he was told to be patient that they will replace the book that was supposed to be shipped.


The new book was ship to him. And surprise, some days later the former book that had not arrived before, arrived.


He had to reach out to amazon again and he told them he just received the book he complained about now.


Their reply was: don’t bother, you can give it out. Wow! Isn’t that amazing? Of course it is. That is a good customer experience.


I’m not saying you should be like amazon, but try to feel your customer in all ramifications. They might not be satisfy with that product, then just feel their pain when they say they are not satisfied.


The more you spend time with your customers, feel them. Then you will begin to connect with them, and providing your services or creating your products will be more easier.



You don’t necessarily need to do all your customer says, but you have to be conscious enough to tell them you are aware and respect their opinions.


Just replying your customer matters so much to them.


Making them know there are the reasons you are creating this product, offering this services will make them believe you are with them and they will be fast enough to tell others how you have treated them.


When you do something and you want more improvement, who should you ask? I guess you will say “My customers.” That is it. Let them know why you change the way you offer your services and why you intend to create a new different product.




This is a technique that was used when NIKE sold 50,000 shoes in 1965 without a single ADVERT.


Johnson, Phil knight first employee, is a great salesman, he was hired full time by phil. Johnson wanted an expansion of their product; getting a new store. So the plan was that, if Johnson can be able to sell 50,000 thousand shoes, then they will get a new store-for expansion purpose.


Johnson got to work, without any advertising, ads from facebook, instagram ads, he was able to sell all 50, 000 shoes.


The strategy is that, once Johnson sold a pair of shoes to you, he would whip out an index and get all your information.

. Name

. Shoe size

. Shoe preference

. Birthday

. Leagues you play in etc


After all the collection of all this information, he will not stop there. He will send birthday cards, Christmas cards, letters congratulating the customers if they ran a race, training tips, note of encouragements.


Not long, people began to write back things about their race, injuries, personal issues. He will send back to tell them what to do, encouragement and not long, he was able to build a strong relationship with his customers.


And his customers will definitely tell others about how he treats them. With that strategy, Johnson was able to sell 50,000 shoes without any advert.



Anyways, they finally got a new store, and before then a customer once wrote to Johnson about someone else was also selling shoes as a competitor and they were able to work things out.


Your customers will only help, if you are willing to help them too.



Here comes the end of this lesson. I’m very sure you are shivering now. Saying you wished you knew earlier. Not to worry. I have the PDF of this whole content and more point down    Here.



Thanks for reading,

I just discuss that you have to, firstly, feel your customers, secondly, take note of their feedbacks and lastly, remember their special day and wish them.









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